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  1. Any HACKS used on the server will be punish by PERMANENT BAN (on any servers)
  2. You cannot use any time of information from your friend via: TeamSpeak, Skype, Discord, that will be assumed as a “monitor” or “wallhack
  3. Any type of offend addressed to a player or Admin will be punish by GAG/MUTE/SILENCE (as the admin decides).
  4. If you play this game, YOU NEED TO PLAY THE GAME, any anti-game situations (Camping, NOT planting the bomb, etc) will be punish by: kick, slay, burn, slap, etc (as the admin decides).
  5. You cannot make any advertisement on the chat or by voice chat, this will be punish by PERMANENT BAN.
  6. Do NOT use any nickname that offend or are racial, you will get kicked or banned for a short amount of time (as the admin decides).
  7. If you see a Player that Cheats or has a bad behavior you can report it to the Admin by type in TEAM CHAT: @ the nickname or problem (mind the @ and must be in TEAM CHAT, keyboard key: U)
  8. On map de_cbble you cannot camp in the T SIDE Tower !
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